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Scarygirl game shaping up nicely

We love the art of Nathan Jurevicius—the pride of our Scarygirl vinyl toy collection is our Tree Dweller figurine—and that’s why we can’t wait to play this gorgeous Scarygirl online Flash game based on Jurevicus’ art and characters. Australia-based developers Touch My Pixel expect the game to launch in three months. The preview video is absolutely beautiful.

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  1. Hi,

    The game is almost ready to play (going through final approvals), but in the meantime we’ve got this juicy final trailer for you

    which should show a lot more of the game than you saw last time.

    Hope you like it, and thanks for the support previously. Knowing that people are interested in what we’re doing has kept us going over the last year.

    The Scarygirl game is being released on http://www.Scarygirl.com very soon, as a free to play Flash game. It has over 14 levels of gameplay which include platforming and adventure elements as well as physics based bike riding and even a street Street Fighter style fighting game.

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