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Well, where do YOU buy your vibrators?

This is not game-related in the slightest, but here goes:

American Apparel, manufacturer and retailer of blank T-shirts, pants, skirts, and gymwear, is selling the Hitachi Magic Wand on its website. For anyone not in the know, the Hitachi Magic Wand is the most time-honored, beloved friend of self-lovin’ ladies everywhere. It’s also the housewifeyest.

Hitachi Magic Wand at American Apparel

The best part of the American Apparel page, though, might well be just below the ordering information. If you like vibrators, you might also like: lip gloss and pens.

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  1. Jen H. says:

    That’s so random! Although, I’m quite certain that I once happened across the Hello Kitty “massager” in a mom-and-pop Asian housewares store in Richmond, nestled in some corner next to the plastic footstools and cooking aprons. It’s a little dizzying to think that you could fashion a home for yourself where everything from the furniture to the vibrators looks like children’s toys.

  2. rycar says:

    I don’t see the problem. Everyone needs lip gloss and pens; why should vibrator enthusiasts be left out?

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