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Soopa Coin-Up Bros.

Recent reconnoitering of the Rotofugi webstore turned up this gem. Erick Scarecrow’s Soopa Coin-Up Bros. figure Soopa Coin-Up Bros DIY toy at Rotofugi.comis, essentially, an arcade cabinet with feet. And at US$30, it is blank and consummate for the stroke of your genius.

To accommodate the less artistic, of course, Soopa comes prepackaged with lots of stickers.

But prepare to be totally inspired! More than 30 gorgeous custom figures were exhibited at the “Soopa Show” (which coincided with New York Comic Con this past April). Most of those Soopa customs are truly works of art, to be sure, but Jude Buffum’s “Cock Blocker” is maybe the raddest:

Cock Blocker by Jude Buffum

Splendid! (The i am 8-bit curator already bought it.)

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