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Incredibly hip baby

Pew-peeeewwww! Pew-peeeeewww!

Sorry. It’s just that I have Galaga sound effects stuck in my head. More specifically, my brain is trained on the sounds of evil bugs flitting menacingly toward the bottom of the playfield. I think Galaga might be my favorite arcade game, after Arkanoid and, uh, Gyruss.

Poesy in a Galaga Tee

Oh, my god! Puttin’ the “childlike” back into “childlike wonder”!

The La La Ling website has really, really good copy, all these ridiculous and distinctive product descriptions. And La La Ling’s baby jumpers and t-shirts are just so rock star.

In related clothing news, my Playing God t-shirt already has a hole in it.

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  1. ViolentMike says:

    Gyruss was the first game to have a fatality attached to it, if I remember. Some guy had a heart attack while playing it.

  2. librarian says:

    That dubious honor actually goes to Berzerk, I think. People died playing Gyruss? Really?

  3. ViolentMike says:

    I guess wikipedia corrected it long ago, because I can’t find the citation for it anymore. I could have sworn somebody had a heart attack playing Gyruss and it caused a controversy. Oh well, nevermind.

    What happened with Berzerk?

  4. librarian says:


    Not one, but TWO heart attacks! Both casualties were teenagers, and each died mere moments after getting ridiculously high scores.

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