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Laser-etched tattoos

Once upon a time, my laptop was stolen off the desk of my then-cubicle. It was months until I could buy another laptop. And I was so relieved to have a computer again, I seriously considered getting the shit etched out of it. Like filigree, maybe Godzilla, maybe a cowgirl riding on a rocket, definitely my name and phone number…

Laser-etching looks especially good on MacBooks, but on hands and arms, not so much.

Instructables robot burned into hand

Tetranitrate, a user at Instructables, shows his devotion to the DIY/tech/how-to website by searing the Instructables robot mascot into his hand. His friends opt for Pac-Man and Space Invaders tattoos. Here is their video.

The video is compelling in the same way Fight Club is compelling. The industrial-grade engraving machine moves the laser beam back and forth, like an old dot-matrix printer. The image blisters into view, line by line. And—I don’t think this is my imagination—you can see the skin burning.

Here’s the how-to. Tetranitrate’s other Instructables projects include Flame Whip, Flame Cannon, Firebreathing, Fire Shaving, and the Lighter Rocket.

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  1. ViolentMike says:

    Great. Now game media conglomerates are going to get the idea that they can get away with forced branding. Freelancers are going to end up seared from head to toe.

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