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New Introversion Game!!

I’m kind of lying. It’s a slow news day. I can explain.

I was IM’ing my friend Arne. He mentioned a book he’d just finished, and recommended that I read it, too. So I recommended The Red Star, which I’ve recently been playing again. In another window, though, I was trolling through my daily RSS feeds. “Man,” I typed into the chat window, “what is with the dearth of game news?” Like, the only real news blurbs on my radar—and even then, this is all literally yesterday’s news—are the just-announced Elebits for DS, as well as the launch of that one (admittedly interesting) new iPod Squenix music role-playing game whatever. Arne suspects the news dearth is part of the “pre-E3 media blackout.” I think the entire game industry is just hungover from the Fourth of July weekend.

Finally, though, I found some news worth squealing over! Today at Rock, Paper, Shotgun: New Introversion Game? The question mark is RPS’s, by the way; Chris Delay (Introversion Software’s founding designer) confirms only that their tiny game company has been offered funding for a game they’ve been wanting to make. I think everyone is being much too tentative and so, simply for the sake of cheerleading and irresponsible journalism, I have reappropriated Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s headline and added two exclamation points to it. Two.

No matter what wishful punctuation I use, nothing is official, even though the game Chris Delay is not necessarily making has already been named Chronometer.

Perhaps Introversion ought to hold off on development, though, even in spite of my enthusiasm. The company has always been notorious for its unhurried, deliberate game-making and now, with three projects underway—Darwinia+ and Multiwinia, both long-due XBLA titles for 360, as well as the upcoming Subversion—Introversion must be stretched to its limit.

Still, I’m pleased that everything is coming up roses for them! Introversion Software is the small, brilliant team behind, to date, just three titles (including my favorite game of 2006, DEFCON).

Edit: Channel 4 is funding Chronometer’s “production proposal,” which I assume is the proof-of-concept that immediately follows the “pitch.” (Alice Taylor clarifies.)

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