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I keep thinking about the back-blog—that’s a web-log back-log—but for reasons unclear even to me, I’m exhausted. So:

  • Hanging out in the iPhone 3G line for seven hours made me start smoking again (yes! I’d nearly quit!)
  • I have been playing Song Summoner on a friend’s iPod. I have an entire blarticle written in my head: “Song Summoner Is Totally Innovative, But Not in the Way You Think”
  • Now, that Harmonix game Phase, the rhythm game for iPod, was pretty innovative, even though it wasn’t exactly fun
  • I am stuck in Final Fantasy Tactics A2
  • I had a great time playing co-op in an arcade the other night. Then, the next day, I ran out and purchased Umbrella Chronicles and two Nyko Perfect Shot Wii remote add-on thingies, just so I could reproduce the arcade experience at home
  • Speaking of Wii remote add-on thingies, did you read Kotaku’s quick E3 update about the “Wii Motion Plus”? It’s a dongle that makes the Wii remote do everything it was always supposed to do… only this time, better
  • I am pretty annoyed by this
  • The Wii Motion Plus is tentatively slated to launch alongside the upcoming title Wii Sports Resort. In that link (yes, that one just now), Nintendo’s Cammie Dunaway calls the game “literally a day at the beach”
  • I am going to be really disappointed when I discover I can’t literally plug my Wii console directly into the literal sand and play literal beach volleyball against it
  • Argh! I am in a terrible mood! I confess: I’m still sour from the iPhone launch. I returned to the Apple store two days later holding a receipt that shows I am entitled to a $30 refund. And there were two lines again, one for iPhone purchases and one for completely ordinary purchases and receipty things. And even the normal line looked to be well over an hour’s wait, so I walked home again
  • I’ve been following E3 news, rumors, and updates almost exclusively on Twitter. It’s interesting! When I look over my Twitter friend-feed, it’s like this extremely concise liveblog written by ten or twenty people. And they’re all saying things that likely won’t be included in blogs and interviews and news articles
  • I finally watched TILT: The Battle to Save Pinball, and it really is among the best straight-up history-of documentaries I’ve seen. If you live in the Bay Area, you can see it this coming weekend, July 19, during this year’s California Extreme

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  1. ViolentMike says:

    Going forward, I think we’re going to have to look at big news sites, blogs, AND twitters to get more of the story. The big news sites write something, the blogs say things the news sites can’t, and like you said, the twitter says even more. I don’t twitter, since I have no idea how, and since I’m not an insider, nobody’s going to want to hear what I have to say.

    I love the Nyko Perfect Shot. I play Ghost Squad with it, and it works amazingly well. Let me know how it works with UC, because I heard some control setups don’t work with it.

  2. Kevin Bunch says:

    Damn, good luck on quitting smoking for good! I know a few people who’ve done it, and it’s quite the task…but none of them regret it.

    On pinball… have you ever heard of Pinball Pete’s? It’s a small arcade chain in Michigan. I can’t speak for their other sites, but the one in Ann Arbor has gotten progressively sadder this past year. Apparently they’ve stopped training employees how to maintain the machines, so now over half of their extensive pinball collection is out of order, along with several classic games and popular fighters.

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