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Blown glass rayguns

In my five years of collecting rayguns, I’ve learned to never buy or display anything too pricy… or priceless. Anytime a guest drops by, his instinct is to immediately swipe the raygun from the shelf, wield the gun in his right hand, and roughly depress the trigger several times, eliciting that satisfying rat-a-rat-a-whir from the gun’s bellows—it sounds like, if nothing else, a hard drive crashing.

But as of right now, I am willing to make an exception to my No Delicate Rayguns policy.

Blown glass raygun

Blogger Michael Pinto located these gorgeous blown-glass rayguns, which are crafted by Joe Blow Glassworks’ Jeff Burnette.

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  1. Kevin Bunch says:

    Oh man, that’s pretty. It looks like it could have been in some old 1940s serial…if the only material they had access to was glass.

    I demand pictures of the ray gun collection!

  2. ViolentMike says:

    Those look like the kind that Ming the Merciless would have in his private collection. Very chic.

  1. Handblown Glass Ray Guns: Pretty, Won’t Shoot You

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