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It’s news to me! Adult films about video games


It is summer, and the evenings are becoming longer. Scott Sharkey and his pal, J. Frank, are struggling down the sidewalk with two six-packs of beer.

I read this really funny blarticle—did I tell you I coined a new word? ‘Blarticle.’

Oh, god.

But, uh, so there’s this pretty funny blarticle at 61 Frames Per Second about, uh, it’s a Top 5 article, right?

All right.

Top five, uh, porn titles… based on video game titles.

Is one of them Super Hornio Bros?

Wow. Um, yes. It’s number five.

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  1. ubersaurus says:

    Super Hornio Brothers has an almost legendary place for my friend Jessica and I. We both expect it to be absolutely horrible, and a total affront to all 5 of the senses, and then some. But come on… it’s a porn based on Mario. If that doesn’t say “Pure comedy” then I don’t know what does!

    In years of halfhearted trying, we have never located a copy. Perhaps that’s for the best. Also, I hear there’s a Hornio Bros 2? Something absolutely fantastic about the porno spoof of a movie getting a sequel, when the movie never did.

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