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Ready for a game of D&D at the drop of a hat

Last night I was sifting through the iPhone’s app store (again), and I noticed a 99-cent application called the D20 Gaming Dice Set.


I tapped at my iPhone, which brought me to a download screen. I don’t really play tabletop games but, sure enough, the D20 Gaming Dice Set is exactly as I’d hoped:

D20 Gaming Dice Set provides a set of dice compatible with most dice based games. The application provides 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20, and 100 sided dice. It will let you roll between 1 and 9 dice at a time.

D20 Gaming Dice SetI love this idea. You’re sitting around a table with friends, and then you suddenly blurt, “Oh, I know what we should do!” And you bring your iPhone out and pass it around, and your iPhone really is a Swiss army knife of technology. And everyone is so impressed with your phone, and therefore, by proxy, with you! And the game is going wonderfully; truly, you are the life of the party!

But then your battery dies before the game’s end, and everyone looks at you a little bit accusatorily. You shrink in your seat, wondering why you don’t simply travel with a spare die. And I pat you on the back and I tell you it all reminds me of that time in NYC when I mocked my friend Dave for using an enormous travel guide with fold-out maps, but then my iPhone’s battery died and I was suddenly useless. In junior high, I once flunked a survival mission—it was “map orientation,” the real-world application of a compass in the wilderness—and even with a map, even today, I am perpetually lost.

Seven types of die? Nine of each type of die? I’m no mathematician, but that’s 63 dice! The D20 Gaming Dice Set is, if nothing else, a moneysaver.

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  1. kentdoggydog says:

    I’ve been listening to the Dungeons and Dragons podcast featuring the Penny Arcade boys and it is quite entertaining. It makes me want to get a group together and roll some d20s.


    Since I don’t have an iPhone, though, that’d be a $199 and 99 cent set of dice. Ouch.

  2. librarian says:

    Oh. Well, OK, yes.

  3. 020200 says:

    Hi there,

    please check the links in this post. One Link points to “http://www.infinitelives.net/wp-admin/” and I think, that’s not what you intended.

    PS: You don’t need to publish this comment, I just wanted to let you know. Greetings from http://digitaltools.node3000.com

  4. librarian says:

    Word. Something must’ve gotten mucked with upon an ill-fated ‘edit.’ Subscribing to your RSS. All best!

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