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It’s always six o’clock

Art duo Eva and Franco Mattes—AKA 0100101110101101.ORG—are the minds behind It’s always six o’clock. Each work in the exhibit conveys childlike mementos in unexpectedly violent ways. The overall effect is a little like what might happen if my old office cubicle exploded in an art gallery, but with more harmony and gravitas.

Lilliputia redux (my title, not theirs)

Redux redux

The show is on display at MU until June 29, so if you’re in the Netherlands in the next two days, you could drop in edit: I just realized that June was last month, and that I am exhausted.

I knew I vaguely recognized the artists’ names, and sure enough: their 13 Most Beautiful Avatars, a rumination on beauty within Second Life, was exhibited at a New York gallery in 2006.

Eva and Franco Mattes also exhibit what they call “synthetic performances” using their Second Life avatars. Each performance, in turn, is streamed live to a real-world audience.

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  1. Paul says:

    hmmm, i will be in england on the 29th so maybe i will take the boat over to holland for the day.

    if i do make it over Jenn, i’ll take a shit load of pics for you.

    anywho looking at the pics, it looks like a sense from a king kong movie LOL it would be the scene where they are taking kong off skull island.

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