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RIZ-ZOAWD, the Oz RPG, is a pastel wonderland

Retroactively announcing my week-long staycation. Hi again!

As of today, there’s a new Japanese trailer for RIZ-ZOAWD, the DS role-playing game featuring a ruby-slippered heroine (and her little dog, too).

I read somewhere that RIZ-ZOAWD is “loosely based on the Wizard of Oz.” By ‘loosely,’ I guess they meant ‘strongly.’ Which means that Kaitlen Exum, Nik Braatz’s mom, and I will all be adding it to our respective Amazon wishlists.

For my own part, I own no fewer than four copies of the book. So yeah, D3 better plan to localize the game for an English-speaking audience. /fist-shaking

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  1. Kaitlen says:

    Oh, you’re so right! I do indeed want it. (And quickly, before the estate of L. Frank Baum gets all litigious on D3’s ass.)

  2. kentdoggydog says:

    Thanks for putting this on my radar. However, my piqued interest in all things OZ lead me to this disturbing gem:


    The Muppets’ Wizard of Oz, starring Quentin Tarantino as himself?! Dare I add this to my Netflix queue?

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