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Tabloid star ‘Jordan’ used to be Lara Croft

So Eidos announced the new face of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider this week, and the big news is, she’s a gymnast.

Over at 61 Frames Per Second, John Constantine put together a nice retrospective, with side-by-side comparisons of each iteration of the Lara Croft avatar, along with each “real-life” model.

And then this happened:

Katie Price aka Jordan as Lara Croft

There are a thousand reasons this photograph is hilarious. But above all else, it’s Katie Price!

Jordan, peddling bedlinensNow, OK. Everything I know about British tabloids I read at perezhilton.com. But I’ll be damned if the original Lara Croft were none other than a comparatively fresh-faced, 18-year old Katie Price, AKA Jordan, whom Wikipedia states is “one of the richest women in Britain.” This isn’t normal, right? To be ridiculously rich and famous in the UK, having gotten your start as a model for Eidos?

Look, I know no one in the U.S. knows who this is. I’m just saying. Jordan! Jordan!

In other news, I think Mr. Constantine is right about the whole uncanny valley thing.

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  1. Luana says:

    I guess it’s weird, but I know who Katie Price/Jordan is as well. I didn’t really put together the Eidos connection at the time, though, so eeek!

    I’ve meant to watch her show as well, but to be honest, her breasts scare me. A lot. This may also be the reason why I never played too much Tomb Raider or that other PS1 game with the gun-toting lesbians.

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