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‘i am 8-bit’ sure knows how to market itself

Thanks to Destructoid’s sister site Tomopop, I finally know what those gorgeous papercraft arcade machines by Scott Campbell (of Double Fine!) were for.

Eating Man papercraft flier

i am 8-bit papercraft flier

Rich People papercraft flier

Trawn papercraft flier

They are, in fact, collectible fliers to promote this year’s i am 8-bit gallery show, which launched last night. I am so jealous! Admittedly, it would be easy enough to pick up a complete set of papercraft fliers, were I currently located in Los Angeles. Maybe I will beg my SoCal friends to hunt down a complete set and carefully pack the stack of fliers in a nice, stiff envelope and mail the whole thing to my apartment (HINT, HINT).

Of course, this isn’t the only way i am 8-bit is promoting the current gallery show. In keeping with the ‘scavenger hunt’ theme, a bunch of artists (including Space Invader and Joe Ledbetter) have hidden miniature canvasses with their art all over LA’s great outdoors. You can still find—and steal!—a bunch of them.

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