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Hilarious, cringe-inducing email from 13 years ago

Former EGM editors Dan Hsu and Crispin Boyer have been blogging regularly at their joint Tumblr, Sore Thumbs. And now that the boys are unshackled from the bondage of print media, they can do almost criminal things like, for instance, scanning old emails and posting them online. Have you ever wondered what interoffice emails look like? Well, put on your Cap of Vicariousness and get ready to wince!

This thirteen-year old email has had me giggling for two solid days. Take note of the timestamps. And also, start shouting “WHY DO YOU DO THIS” at your friends—they’ll be really startled.

(Click the pic to get an up-close look-see; the Sore Thumbs post explains the whole thing in context.)

please advise ASAP

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