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Though intimidating, ‘Metroid cake balls’ probably delicious

Snack or Die is a recipe website dedicated to video game -themed pastries.

Metroid Cake Balls

The how-to blog’s most recent addition, a recipe for Metroid Cake Balls, looks dangerously delicious. This Zebesian confection calls for cake mix, cream cheese frosting, and lots of white chocolate. Red M&Ms substitute for the iconographic nuclei, and the mandibles are scrumptiously unthreatening cashews.

Adding the finishing touches


2 responses to “Though intimidating, ‘Metroid cake balls’ probably delicious” »

  1. Kevin Bunch says:

    Delicious and terrifying! Nothing is scarier than a metroid…yet nothing is more yummy than an edible one…

  2. ViolentMike says:

    Now I want small circular cakes shaped like Morph Balls.

  1. Metroid Ball Cakes: Cute & Deadly

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