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Nintendo DS Twitter application: it’s in Spanish

Sorry. I was having trouble coming up with a snappy headline.

DSTwitter v1.0

I should be pretty excited about DSTwitter, the homebrew Twitter application for the Nintendo DS, right? I love Twitter, I love my DS, I love putting homebrew software onto those little DS carts, and my DS is covered in a twitter-blue skin. In fact, I would probably download DSTwitter right away, except that I own a cell phone.

Anyway. When I saw Mashable’s breaking report about DSTwitter, I couldn’t help but wonder whether Twitter is the new Doom. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to Twitter with your toaster. Watch and wait, my friend.

1UP newswriter Kris Pigna also reported on DSTwitter yesterday. I wanted to be snarky and witty and succinct, myself, and I just couldn’t manage. So I really admire and envy the article DEK Pigna came up with: “Now instead of playing Mario in the bathroom, you can tell the world you’re playing Mario in the bathroom.” Tee hee.

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