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SCUMM is the new Doom

Recently, I called Twitter “the new Doom.” Just as Doom can seemingly be fitted to run, inexplicably, on any device, so too can Twitter. It wasn’t a very good analogy: when Doom runs on a mobile handset, for instance, it’s really less as a game and more as a tech demo. Twitter, on the other hand, is perfectly usable.

So, I was wrong. Twitter really isn’t ‘the new Doom’ at all. Then what is?

From Rock, Paper, Shotgun:

During a bout of iPhone willy-waving down the pub recently, someone observed that there are two things that always get released for any piece of hardware that’s hacked to run homebrew code, and everyone duly installs them. Then doesn’t do anything with them except show them off to people in the pub. The first is Quake. It used to be Doom, but in the 3D age the big Q seems to have become the de facto way of demonstrating that a given piece of hardware has something decent under the hood. Touchscreen controls mean iPhone Quake isn’t hugely playable, but it does look amazing.

The second, and the source of my point, is SCUMMvm, the esteemed emulator for the old LucasArts adventure games. I suspect everyone who installs SCUMMvm, whether it’s for their PC, their PDA, their PSP or whatever, has a favourite game they install alongside it. For many it’s Day of the Tentacle, and God knows there’s a legion of Monkey Island die-hards, but for me it’s always Sam & Max Hit The Road. Except I never play it. I only watch the intro.

Incidentally—although I wholly agree with the SCUMM assessment—the one game I actually enjoyed emulating on my PSP was the Genesis version of Moonwalker.

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  1. Petri says:

    And I thought that I was the only one who had a fetish for Sam & Max Hit The Road’s intro.

    Damn, now I really feel like playing through the original Sam & Max…

  2. Kevin Bunch says:

    Oh man, I can’t believe you mentioned Genny Moonwalker. My aunt had that game, and man…it was incredibly good for both a licensed game, and one where Michael Jackson had to save children. If I”m not mistaken, couldn’t you make dogs dance in that?

    Incidentally Monkey Island 3 was so the best one.

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