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2D games benefit from HD more than you think

Here’s an interesting aside from Stephen Totilo over at MTV Multiplayer. Totilo writes that he’s taken some flack for having never hopped on the HDTV train—as a matter of fact, he still reviews games in standard def, thank you very much.

So of all the games coming out to the 360 and PS3, which titles are making him rethink his position on HD? Why, the 2D ones, of course.

Specifically, Totilo says, while 3D games still look very nice, 2D offerings like PixelJunk Eden are frustratingly fuzzy, as are the maps in another PSN release, The Last Guy.

Totilo’s point—that it’s the 2D games that suffer most when presented in standard definition—isn’t just interesting, but more pointedly, apt.

I was very recently shocked to see how pretty Grand Theft Auto IV is on a cruddy old monitor. The game itself was crisp and clear, even crystalline. You see, I’d loaned an old computer monitor from 2002 to a friend whose HD CRT is in the repair shop (something inside had melted or exploded, I guess). So he bought some sort of adapter and connected the old monitor to his 360, and at the time I couldn’t help but think GTA4 somehow benefited from the smaller, duller screen. Strange, indeed.

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  1. Kevin Bunch says:

    I think he may have a point. I play Mass Effect, or Halo 3, or Crackdown, and these look great in standard definition. And most 2D games do as well. But look at a 2d game like Braid, or Guilty Gear, or Pac-Man CE, and with HD, the art really seems to “pop.”

    I’m really looking forward to the new crop of high definition 2d fighters: KOF XII, BlazBlue, and SF2 HD Remix. I’m willing to bet they’ll all come out looking like some of the prettiest games on the systems.

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