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Waiter, waiter, there’s a Jawa in my lunch

OK, OK. The photo itself is from a few months ago, apparently, and this really doesn’t have anything to do with video games, I know. But I figure Star Wars devotees and video game players might have overlapping cultural interests, and anyway, I liked this. Ready?

The entire Bento Challenge flickrpool is well worth checking out, but Rena’s contributions to the group are just astonishing:

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  1. pauljeremiah says:

    i love the carrot pieces for eyes ^ ^

  2. kentdoggydog says:

    This is becoming a “geeky food” blog, and that is radical.

  3. Kevin Bunch says:

    What’s in it, I wonder?

  4. afshin says:

    I’m guessing: hummus background, pita bread body and hood(it looks fried or crisped somehow), chopped olives face, carrot eyes, cabbage sliver and top background, a piece of tomato setting sun, and a piece of pepper upper sun.

  5. librarian says:

    If you follow the flickr link, everything is labeled. And most of Tatooine is hummus, but apparently, what appears to be pita is actually tofurkey.

  6. rena says:

    heh. i just came across this. the landscape is pita and hummus, and the cloak was steak style tofurkey if i recall (but yeah, it’s all labeled on flickr).

    i heart “geeky food” blogs. thanks for the props.

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