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Alien Crush Returns now available in Japan

That sound you hear? It’s the whooshing of Chris Kohler’s envy.

This image I purloined from Game|Life, which conveniently doubles as an illustration of how my intestines feel today, is a screenshot from Alien Crush Returns. The Virtual Console revival of Alien Crush—that is, the original TurboGrafx pinball game from 1988—apparently generated enough interest (and revenue!) that Hudson released this spectacular graphical update of Alien Crush todayish on WiiWare. Well, in Japan.

But Chris Kohler isn’t one for geographic circumscription, so you can bet your bottom dollar he’s already played Alien Crush Returns. His early impressions? ”[It’s] pretty nifty,” he writes.

The game is played with the trigger buttons on the Wii’s nunchuck and remote, and Chris notes that the lack of Classic Controller support “is kind of disappointing—it’s a bit tiring to have to use your index fingers the entire time instead of your thumbs.”

Chris promises a full review later, so keep watch.

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