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Something to occupy you during the hiatus

Today, the growing 4 color rebellion network announced the addition of their excellent arts/culture/DS blog, Tiny Cartridge. Topics and subject matter range from Retronauts to Game Center CX, to the cutest little Metroid diorama I have ever seen. Obviously, I added Tiny Cartridge to my feedreader immediately. You should do the same.

I’m getting some freaky health thing checked out, just to make sure it’s nothing serious—I’m not sure how long that’ll keep me away, but if there’s a dearth of updates, yes, that.

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  1. librarian says:

    I think I went about my doctor-appointment joke the wrong way this morning. Sorry about clearing away the comments—I just wanted a fresh start.

  2. pauljeremiah says:

    it’s ok jenn πŸ™‚

  3. eric_c says:

    thank you for the very kind words, jenn! really, we’re honored that you took the time just to visit TC, let alone endorse it!

    that said, i hope all goes well with your trip to the doctor tomorrow.

    p.s. glad you’re not actually quitting infinite lives ;o)

  4. Cody W. says:

    Hey, no problem πŸ™‚

  5. ViolentMike says:

    Ah, ok.

    Well! I stand by what I said anyway. Hope you’re alright. Tiny Cartridge is pretty cool so far.

  6. librarian says:

    You bet, Eric. At a glance, it’s my new favorite. I’m really keen on the homebrew coverage I’ve seen, too!

  7. Jen says:

    Yikes. Hope you’re doing okay. Thanks for the heads up on TC!

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