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Parenting tips from an industry expert

“Parents who use videogames as a babysitter shouldn’t have sex to begin with.”

—Former Nintendo marketing veep Perrin Kaplan, who was a hit with the crowd during PAX 2008’s Sex and Violence in Videogames panel (Via)

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  1. Chris Person says:

    I love how everyone collectively took that one joke comment as the takeaway of the whole panel.

    I also loved how during this intense, serious discussion on sex and violence, a handful of people were picto-chatting very naughty things.

  2. librarian says:

    Ha, yes. I googled the quote after I’d posted it, and it seems as though it was the bottle-this-and-sell-it soundbyte of the panel, if not the entire convention.

    Regarding pictochat at inappropriate times: Recently in the ER, I almost asked someone if he wanted to pictochat, since he had his DS out and I had mine and I was bored. But then he started coughing all over everything, and at that point I really didn’t want to approach him.

  3. Chris Person says:

    Oh man, I totally relate. Like, this one time when I was in the intensive care unit, coughing up blood while trying keep my liver from shutting down and I totally saw this dude with leveling his pollywhirl. I was gonna be like “Bitch, I’ll take you out” but my battery was low and my muscles were starting to calcify from Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva and I remembered I left my copy of Diamond at home.

    Seriously though, I’m convinced you’re blogging from the afterlife.

  4. librarian says:

    It was touch-and-go for awhile there, but I persevered. No, but seriously, the doc said, “I think something ruptured,” and I was just like, “NO KIDDING.” And sure enough!

    edit: One more thing. Should you really be making fun of my immediate medical history, Mr. Somehow-Broke-His-Leg-Twice-in-a-Row? I ask you.

  5. Chris Person says:

    I wasn’t making fun! And if I was oversharing my immediate medical history, you would know that I DIDN’T break my ankle that second time, but just twisted it to the point where I heard it crunch and bleed and hurt and I had to confirm it with an X-ray. After all, if I broke it how could I take video of Pipboys dancing to Apiril Rain?

    If I was mocking anything, it’s the cryptic nature of the “Something” in question. What ever could it be? “A watermellon perhaps? Someone’s Head?A Tootsie Roll Pop?


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