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Test your button-mashing speed with this replica Hudson ‘Shooting Watch’!

The Shooting Watch, I have only just learned, is a pedometer for your fingers. Which would make it a… well, a digitometer, actually, except that doesn’t sound quite right. So we’ll just say ‘Shooting Watch,’ then.

According to 1UP’s Ray Barnholt—the go-to man in all things obscurely Japanese—NCSX is now accepting preorders for their brand new Shooting Watch, a replica of the original 1987 Hudson design. At US$19, it’s a steal! But this fan-servicey offering is sure to sell out, so if this sort of gadget is your bag, act now!

Still, should you miss the preorder window—or if you just can’t wait for that numinous, revelatory button-mashing experience—you can also nab Shooting Watch DS, a homebrew downloadable that turns your Nintendo DS into one fierce digitometer.

The Shooting Watch, available from NCSX, ships December 18.

5 responses to “Test your button-mashing speed with this replica Hudson ‘Shooting Watch’!” »

  1. JC says:

    I got more excited when I saw the news of a Shooting Watch re-release than I do for most new games!

  2. Kevin Bunch says:

    Didn’t Star Soldier R for Wii have such a game in there?

  3. pauljeremiah says:

    is it me or are the days of the rapid button mashers gone?

  4. Jon says:

    Preordered one as soon as I saw this post lol

  5. SeanaLyn says:

    awww its cute! I definitely hope I get one of these in my stocking hehe

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