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Pixelicious ‘Owl Boy’ to be playable in early ’09

Yesterday, indie dev team D-pad Studio announced their 2D platform/adventure game Owl Boy. In development now, the boys at D-pad expect to have a playable build by March 2009, just in time for the Independent Games Festival.

Guessing only from preliminary screenshots, Owl Boy’s splendidly retro art has that rusted-cog aesthetic everyone likes so well. Can’t wait to hear more as it unfolds.

(Via the inimitable TIGSource)

2 responses to “Pixelicious ‘Owl Boy’ to be playable in early ’09” »

  1. Chris Person says:

    That crazy doctor looks like Fu Manchu only older, an owl and wearing a book for a hat.

    I’m sold!

  2. Josh O'Neal says:

    Owls, boys, and an a floating island based off of my steam punk fan fiction. Count me in.

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