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“Still Alive” ukulele covers

Scott Sharkey’s favorite kid on YouTube plays ukulele. So does mine. Scott Sharkey’s kid does a cover of “Still Alive.” So does mine.

So of course S.S. and I compared videos.

And we’re in agreement: we have to get these two kids together. If there is a god, these two will meet and fall in love.

And they even both do a twee little thumbs-up at the end of their songs! Which makes me wonder whether the boy had never seen the teenaged girl’s YouTube video—but more likely than that, their love is simply meant to be.

Sept. 13 edit: Regarding the charming thumbs-up punctuating each ukulele performance! One Roo Reynolds captured a still of each thumbs-up, which now lives at his Flickr account here. Aww!

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  1. M Hartwell says:

    I think I want to marry that girl…

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