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Just in time for next month: WoW costumes

Last night, the conversation briefly turned to Halloween costume plans. “What are you thinking of going as?” Greg asked me.

I admitted I probably wouldn’t do it, but I’ve certainly paid it a lot of thought (and research) since early summer: “My Second Life character,” I told him.

Greg was startled. It seemed a little obscure, didn’t it? Wouldn’t I get tired of explaining it to everyone who wanted to know what I was supposed to be? He didn’t say it outright, but I think I knew what he was getting at—isn’t it too nerdy? Wouldn’t I be embarrassed?

“I am not ashamed!” I said to him. And in fact, if I were feeling especially bold, maybe I would rollerskate everywhere. Just like Jennatar, my Second Life avatar, who is pretty much me, except she always wears a flight cap and rollerskates everywhere and flies away from awkward dance parties on a dirigible.

I don’t play World of Warcraft, but I certainly understand what it is like to develop a deep attachment to your avatar, and also the subsequent desire to dress up as that avatar for Halloween. So, somebody, anybody, please, please, please buy one of these and get dressed up and take photos and post them to your Facebook.

While the Night Elf makeup isn’t entirely convincing, the Orc mask really nails the WoW aesthetic.

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  1. pauljeremiah says:

    i would prefer if someone would dress up as an obscure game character. i feel that dressing up as your WOW character is somewhat cliché but i do like the idea of Jenn dressing up as her second life character, it’s both simple yet effective.

    i would like to see some dress up as a character from the sierra adventure games or something like that, or a Dreamcast game like “under defeat”. Or if someone really went all out and dressed up as the “big daddy” from Bioshock.

    if you had both the time and the money Jenn who would you dress up as???

  2. Kevin Bunch says:

    @pauljeremiah my friends and I have a plan for Halloween (Which falls on the same day as the local anime/video game convention) to dress in an Adventures of Lolo motif. I’m so calling dibs on the annoying dragon that just stands there staring, boring into Lolo’s very soul.

  3. pauljeremiah says:

    @ kevin

    that’s sounds really cool kev. you should post pics of it when you do it.

  4. Val says:

    Those are decent looking masks, but whoever decides to go with the Night Elf had better have a professional makeup artist as a friend or relation. There’s pretty much no way a person could apply that to themselves effectively to look as good as that picture.

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