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My Raptr account is not very active

Do you use Raptr? That’s the social networking tool and community site that, in this era of status updates and passive intimacy, makes it super-easy to keep an eye on what your gamer friends are currently playing. The service is extremely useful for circles of gaming friends—potentially, I mean—and it’s also worth noting that the site and client themselves are streamlined, polished, and intuitive.

Unfortunately, I haven’t fiddled too much with the service since I first registered and, for reasons beyond my ken, the site and client don’t seem to follow my online gaming goings-on.

But that didn’t stop the site from sending me this strange little email cataloguing my full user experience with bullet points:

Ha, ha. I get it, thanks.

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  1. Roc says:

    I have an account but it’s very beta-ish in functionality, it doesn’t track my PS3 activity, and I’ve learned that I really don’t care to see what all of my friends are playing at any given time…it’s kinda creepy and Orwellian.

    I’ve been wanting to drop the account after finding out it was a “Thresher” venture. Unfortunately, I keep getting friend invites so I’d feel like a total ass to just drop out and desert these nice folks. Oh well, another Web 2.0 account that lingers in my ether, I suppose.

  2. Cody W. says:

    A friend invited me a week or so ago. It’s nice to have everything in one place, but I’m already part of twenty social networks already, so it’ll probably lose itself in the vast nothingness of the internets before too long.

  3. Feenwager says:

    I’m exceedingly “meh” about the whole thing. I got that exact same e-mail as you did. I really think there’s a limit on how many social networks a body can pay attention to, and for me that’s approximately 1.4392.

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