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Games I’ve never played: Lovecraftian, stereoscopic FPSes

This summer, my friend Chris and I went, along with our friend A.J., to Video Games New York. I browsed the glass case full of Virtual Boy games, then beelined to the counter to ask, in a breathy stage whisper, “Hey, hi. Do you have that Japanese Virtual Boy game? The first-person shooter that is based on Lovecraft? The one where you shoot fish-people?” No, they did not have that game.

Of this event, my friend Chris writes,

I immediately called bullshit on her, since things that awesome just don’t exist, ever.

Then I googled it.

Turns out she was totally not making it up. It’s called “Insmouse no Yakata” (Innsmouth Mansion) and was a first person shooter.

So now you know: the legend is true. The ill-fated Virtual Boy did, indeed, have exactly one 3D first-person shooter, and it took place in Innsmouth, and in it, you actually shot freaky fish people. Except for the time I insisted Mary Tyler Moore had briefly served in the Senate, I have never lost a bet.

Chris found Insmouse no Yakata’s entry at Planet Virtual Boy, here. In addition to a review, they’ve got plenty of screen captures, and even a couple videos, which are available for download.

I filched one of said downloadables and, since none of us may ever pony up the US$80 Insmouse goes for, I have embedded two whole minutes of spoilers, below:

I really want to buy and play this game. For $10.

Don't give up, cheapskate!

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  1. Kevin Bunch says:

    The internet says that the game is pretty rare in Japan, too. You may just have to seek out a virtual boy flashcart and throw it on there!

    Alternately, assemble a super team of donors to throw money in next time it comes up on ebay so that you only have to pay 10 bucks.

  2. librarian says:

    OH, I ADMIT IT. I meant to be awake for the end of the auction, and I wasn’t! I wasn’t! I was asleep!

  3. Chris Person says:

    You sleep through everything good in life! Admit it!

    I have a plan by the way; We buy up every copy of Virtual Bart and Maximum Carnage in America, go to Japan, sell the lot and live like Kings! KINGS I TELLS YA!

    That way we can afford you crazy expensive Lovecraftian spectroscopic nightmare games.

  4. Kevin Bunch says:

    Dude, it’s crazy. I saw a cartridge of Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt over there, American, selling for 50 bucks. 50! I think that’s where I’m dragging all my doubles next time I go.

  5. Griffin says:

    Despite those other Internet listings, the first word of the Japanese title would normally be romanized as “Insumausu.” Might help you find it.

  6. librarian says:

    Oh, that makes total sense (and is, yet, exactly the sort of thing I would not know). Thank you for the excellent advice.

  1. GoNintendo » Blog Archive » Did you know… Virtual Boy had a first-person shooter, Japan only, and it was based off a work of H.P. Lovecraft?- What are you waiting for?

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