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Why aren’t you playing Multiwinia?

I thought we struck a deal, here, you guys. I’d periodically mention that Defcon is the greatest game ever made, and then when the time came, we’d all pick up copies of Multiwinia. Right? So why aren’t you playing Multiwinia?

Perhaps you are waiting for Darwinia+ to be released for XBLA later this year (edit: sometime next year)? Understandable! Perhaps you don’t have a PC to play Multiwinia on? I’m right there with you, cowboy. But maybe—no offense—you didn’t know the game had come out?

Kieron over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun chanced upon Chris Delay’s lengthy missive over at the Introversion forums. A big part of the problem, Delay notes, is a profound lack of coverage:

It’s been three weeks since we launched Multiwinia, and today Metacritic shows four reviews (the minimum required for a metacritic average) for the first time since game launch. By comparison, Defcon had nearly thirty metacritic reviews within a week of launch. Of the reviews we have arranged with websites and magazines, less than 20% of them have been published at this time. One british games magazine has declined to review Multiwinia at all—ever.

In the end, Delay urges a SAVE MULTIWINIA campaign. There’s only one way to get the word out, folks, and that is by getting the word out.

With that said, I made this hip and attention-getting banner. Do with it as you will.

The Multiwinia demo is available as a free PC download, here. Tell your friends!

4 responses to “Why aren’t you playing Multiwinia?” »

  1. Chris Person says:

    Is it out for Mac?

    Also, update: I may have found a butcher.

  2. librarian says:

    I think you will have to wait a little bit longer for a Mac version.

  3. Jeremiah says:

    I gave it a shot.

    My Review: Meh.

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