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This Friday’s episode of ‘Ghost Whisperer’ is going to be awesome

I am not telling you this to depress you: I really like watching Numb3rs on Friday nights. Maybe you already knew that—I know I’ve mentioned it before—but here is my real secret. Every once in a while, I actually like to stay parked on the sofa and also catch the latest episode of Ghost Whisperer, starring Jennifer Love Hewitt. As the Ghost Whisperer, Hewitt helps ghosts confront their loose ends before the transition to the afterlife. The television show is perfectly sincere and humorlessly campy, a spectacular cross between Medium and Touched by an Angel.

Reasons to watch episodes of Ghost Whisperer with any interest whatsoever: Jay Mohr is good; there’s an amazing episode with Nikki Cox; I’m trying to think of one more reason to edit in, but I can’t. And for the first couple seasons, every scene was shot strategically so that Hewitt’s hips were never visible (there’s a drinking game in there somewhere).

But set your Tivos for this Friday’s October 17 episode, “Ghost in the Machine”!

In reading various synopses, I have gleaned that a “ghost” is luring girls to a gaming “social networking website”. The trouble all starts when the main character checks out “Virtual Life” on the computer and a ghost “avatar” flies out of the monitor. Later, during another visit to “Virtual Life,” the main character’s “avatar” gets into a physical fight with the ghost’s “avatar.” The main character begins her investigation, and she meets someone named Ned on “Virtual Life” to “play DDR.”

I cannot wait for this episode. I especially like the supernaturally-tinged Dateline plot, designed to confirm everything my mom believes about the internet. It all reminds me of the time I begged my friend, whose own mom was the head writer for a popular daytime soap opera, to tell someone to rewrite a script that boasted a “hacking into an email” “using a Virus” subplot.

If you enjoy “Ghost in the Machine,” you might also like other movies with similar horror themes of “help! The game is too real!” I recommend How to Make a Monster, Stay Alive, and St. John’s Wort, all of which are piss-poor. Then, of course, there’s always Emilio Estevez’s fine turn in the “Bishop of Battle” segment in 1983’s Nightmares.

Any other Halloween suggestions?

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  1. Chris Person says:

    You dare omit Edward Furlong’s horror/psychological masterpiece Brainscan from your list?

    Did Trickster not leave a deep enough impression?

    Was the game not “real” enough for you?

  2. Chris Person says:

    You know what? Give me like a day and I’ll give you the perfect list.

  3. adam says:

    For not-actually-scary at all early 80’s “the game is too real” action that is a 21 minute cartoon episode with your favorite superhero rather than a movie, you can’t beat Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends Episode 7 – Videoman.


    Featuring people sucked into arcade games as well as an arcade villain coming to life. The previous sentence may have contained spoilers.

    If, unlike me, you don’t happen to have it sitting on your Tivo right now Youtube can help –



    Videoman makes a return appearance in a subsequent episode, but I think that’s beyond the scope of this comment.

  4. Jeremiah says:

    Ghost Whisperer might be the worst show on CBS

  5. SpatulaOfDoom says:

    There was a movie in the early 90’s called Arcade. It starred A Christmas Story’s Peter Billingsley.

    Here’s the trailer:

  6. SpatulaOfDoom says:

    And then there’s the movie Ghost in the Machine, once again from the the early 90’s, and starring Karen Allen.

    Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgwSs7ejiaI

  7. librarian says:

    Looks like 1993 was a goldmine year.

    The trailer for Arcade strongly reminds me of the Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over trailer. Which I’d include in my list except it isn’t fearmongery enough.

  8. SpatulaOfDoom says:

    Arcade looks about as childish as Spy Kids, but it did have enough violence and language to earn an R rating. It’s an awful fucking movie, none the less. David S. Goyer(Dark City, Blade, Batman Begins) wrote the abomination.

    Brainscan and Ghost in the Machine are at least watchable, however. And I kind of have a soft spot for Brainscan.

    Oh yeah, then there’s always 2002’s Feardotcom. What’s funny is the url for the evil website in the movie is http://www.feardotcom.com.

  9. carpboy says:

    Ghost in the Machine (the Jeff Fahey Karen Allen) movie is only watchable because of the totally rad (in my then-thirteen year old mind) scene near the end where the titluar ghost is able to become corporeal using the mighty power of magnets.

  10. librarian says:

    MAJOR SPOILAGE but I will allow it

    P.S. I got really sick this weekend, and therefore slept through Ghost Whisperer. And CBS doesn’t post full episodes online! 🙁 Fortunately, there are four clips, and they show you everything you need to see. For instance: destructible environments!

  11. Rycar says:

    That clip was pretty awesome.

    This next one may not be “video” game per se, but it fits the theme.

    Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society:


  12. librarian says:

    I actually point to Fear dot com as an example of a movie I guiltily adore. It isn’t so-bad-it’s-good—it’s just bad—but I am a huge fan of Ring and Kairo. I always liked that the first real attempt to filch from J-horror was… this.

    I vaguely remember noticing that ‘feardotcom.com’ was the url in the movie. Hilarious. Maybe the screenwriters knew it would be really hard, even for a sinister supernatural website, to register a domain like fear.com. More likely, though, a producer thought it would be really meta if they plugged the official movie website url in the movie itself.

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