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The cover art for Halo 3 and Gears of War 2 is nigh identical

I recently had a friend over for multiplayer, and I was taking Halo 3 out of the Xbox and putting Gears of War 2 in. Or maybe it was the other way around—I don’t remember. But I was putting one disc into the drive, and returning another to its case, and then I had the keep-case for Halo 3 in my left hand and Gears of War 2 in my right.

And I had never seen the box art for the two games side-by-side before. “Oh my God!” I shouted. I presented both boxes to my friend. “Just look at them—it’s the same cover!”

Halo vs Gears

“How could a Christmas shopper tell these two games apart?” I continued. I named the similarities aloud: on each, there stands a hero, totally kitted out, wielding an enormous gun, set against a post-apocalyptic futurescape with a big, fiery sky, maybe with some alien architecture or a spaceship just along the horizon.

“If it’s so easy,” I concluded, “I think I have a real future in box art.”

I’m not being snide here. So, for your consideration, my attempts to punch up a couple game franchises for their eventual blockbuster releases:

I tried counting the ways I could get into trouble with this post, and I got nervous. So here are some due attributions: cosplayer, arm cannon (sorry), Dr Wily’s castle, stars tutorial, Arizona, robot, zeppelin, steamgun/forearm, sweet-faced man (sorry), Victorian man, Victorian boy, France.

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  1. arne says:

    As an aside, it’s the color palette that does it, not the content.

    As a shopper, if you’re scanning, the first thing that you’ll notice and/or remember if you’ve taken a look at the box art, is the color palette even more so than the characters, scenery or posing. While both have some yellow-orange, Halo 3 is dominated by the blue that has been with Halo since it’s inception, while Gears went all orange and brown.

  2. librarian says:

    Well, in my defense, Halo and Gears look more uncannily alike in life than they do onscreen. Seriously, go look at them side-by-side. It’s hilarious.

    But you’re right. I think the color palette thing only occurred to me after I’d messed up the Mega Man cover art by turning it into an anime wonderland. I was like, “What? Where did I go wrong?” and, shortly after, realized my total colorblindness. It really does make an incredible difference.

  3. Kevin Bunch says:

    I would pay money for a Professor Layton game with that cover.

  4. Rycar says:

    Is Professor Layton the master? That would be awesome.

  5. Sharpless says:

    You are a brilliant human being.

  6. Of course it makes sense when you know that the cover art for both games was designed by the same person. 🙂

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