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The other 8-Bit Jesus

Let me stress that this is actually connected in no way to the earlier post about 8-Bit Christmas music.

But a quick google of “8-Bit Jesus” brought me to this CafePress store, heralding the apocalypse. Was it a joke? I had to find out.

The 8-Bit Jesus homepage clarifies:

These charming, respectful images are the ultimate attire for anyone who loves classic video games. 8-Bit Jesus is distinctive, but not preachy. Irony-compatible, too, if that’s your thing!

So there you have it. They’re earnest, but atheists officially have the makers’ permission to think they’re cool too.

Shirt designs include Godtris, Sign of the Cross Combo (up, down, left, right), and—this is kind of my favorite—Jesus Saves.

Right? It’s kind of Castlevania-ey. Jesus is all, “You don’t belong in this world!” And Satan’s all, “What is man?” Beautiful, beautiful.

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  1. randy m says:

    The power of Christ compels you to do the smart thing and save after every mission in GTA; also before every boss encounter. 😛

  1. Jesus Saves: Before The Final Boss

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