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The 1UP Show, reborn

It has been difficult to sidestep news of EGM’s closure on the eve of its 20th anniversary. That alone was disheartening.

1upshowBut for many, it was perhaps harder still to see the crew of the venerable, and much younger, 1UP Show suddenly orphaned. Created by then-editors Jane Pinckard, Ryan O’Donnell, and Che Chou, the 1UP Show was the first real experiment in bringing true web-only content to Ziff’s gaming family. But just as the 1UP Show had found its legs again—and it really had finally matched and surpassed its creators’ original vision—the whole creature was shuttered.

But thanks in large part to an outpouring of donations—US$12,000 in all!—the tiny crew of producers, editors, and cameramen immediately set about creating the first episode of CO-OP, which premieres today. Obviously resources are limited, but man, it’s still available in high-def.

Help these guys out, Internet! Advertisers, where are you? Cash in while the iron is hot!

P.S. This is only part one of a longer 2008 retrospective. Ohhhh just go watch it.

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  1. Cody W. says:

    Glad to see those guys getting so much support. I used to wait all day for my 1UP Show… now we get it reborn. Can’t wait to see where they go with it.

    ... maybe a guest appearance by Jenn Frank?

  2. pauljeremiah says:

    great show,

    so glad to see them working again.

    just hope they upload HD versions of the show.

  3. Jon Conley says:

    That was excellent. Just like old times. Color correction and everything!

    Spread the word, internet. Spread it like a fine ham salad!

  4. I wonder what they’re gonna do for subject material now that they don’t have exclusives. I also hope they up the quality of the audio.

    Either way, I look forward to watching whatever the hell this ends up becoming.

  5. Jon Conley says:

    I don’t think you really need exclusives to be entertaining. I would rather just sit in on intelligent discussion about gaming topics in general. The previews were never really what I tuned in for. It was more the discussions, or ‘arguments’.

    Certain people are walking encyclopedias of knowledge. To me, that’s more interesting than seeing some gameplay clips of a new shooter. I like to hear those people discuss their area of expertise.

    But if its exclusives they need, they could always set up a ‘tips’ email. I’m sure they’d get some dirt, here and there. That would be an interesting topic of discussion.

  6. Jenn Frank says:

    It isn’t only exclusives, though. I have found myself worrying about how the guys will be able to take direct gameplay feeds, especially at conventions and press events (that is to say, how they’ll grab game footage before the game comes out). Fingers crossed. edit: CP was a video intern at Gawker, and that might be what he meant by ‘exclusives’.

  7. Jon Conley says:

    That’s what I thought he meant. ‘Previews’ or access to preview code. The ‘inside scoop’, as it were.

    Again, I could give a shit about that kind of stuff. There are plenty of sites on the internet that are dedicated to the breaking news. Just make an interesting show, and I’ll watch or listen. I just finished listening to these guys talk about Star Wars: Republic Commando for over an hour, and I had a blast.

    And here I was, thinking I was the only person that found that game even remotely enjoyable…

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