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1UP Show theme song on the ocarina

I have a major soft spot for the Squadron of Shame, a videogames book club built around zealously attacking those artful games that no one seems to get around to playing (hence the titular, “shameful” feelings). The club’s frequent game playthroughs eventually and inevitably spun off in a podcast, for which the Squadron’s founders periodically assemble across the globe and Skype together.

In the most recent episode of their podcast, A.J. suddenly announces that he has uploaded his video performance of the 1UP Show theme song (here, also) to YouTube, as performed on the iPhone’s “Ocarina” app. I’m familiar with the Ocarina application—it’s a nice little nod to Zelda—because “Ocarina” was named among TIME Magazine’s Top 10 iPhone Apps of 2008.

There is nothing more resplendently geeky than announcing, on a podcast, that there is a YouTube video of you whistling into your iPhone, and more specifically, that you recorded it in honor of a popular videogame webcast. Here’s A.J.:

Isn’t it eerie and melancholy? It’s perfect.

I promise to type about something other than 1UP’s staff cuts soon.

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  1. Blog about how awesome DinoPark Tycoon was. If you don’t I will, and I’ll make it awesome.

  2. Oh AWESOME! I’m sure he’ll be delighted. Especially given the unflattering picture of him I dropped into the M4A file. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. George "Regulus" Kokoris says:

    Yeah, I got a little choked up when I first saw that. So incredibly appropriate.

    Thanks for the shout! Your taste in gaming podcasts is truly impeccable.

  4. Jon Conley says:


    The levels of geek found within resemble a sort of ‘geek onion’. That’s the only way I can describe this. So many layers of delicious geek culture…

  5. Roc says:

    Good ol’ AJ never ceases to amaze as he continues to throw himself thoughtlessly at the internet’s mercy. This time, though, the results were pretty touching.

  6. Mike "Tolkoto" Minotti says:

    You got lucky this time, Ajguy. Next time the internet will be on my side, and mock you with me!

    Oh, and thanks for the plug Jenn ๐Ÿ™‚

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