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Cave Story mosaic

A lovely wall hanging

by John Bardinelli

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  1. Jon Conley says:

    I’ve yet to beat this game, because the OSX version is extremely temperamental.

    I really love the old pixel art over the WiiWare redesigns; even if it took me over a year to realize that the bit of green on the right side of his face isn’t a clown nose. Silly me.

    Now I’m determined to make one of these for my house. Perhaps of the Blue Bomber. Or, what about having a giant mosaic of the stage select screen from Mega Man 2?

  2. Jon Conley says:

    It sometimes locks my machine when loading the teleport chambers. The music will hang on a single note and everything will freeze; as if you had just ripped a game cartridge from a console. I’m running on an Intel mac, if that matters.

    I wouldn’t strike it from the list. It’s just an annoyance that pops up from time to time. It’s still largely playable. Perhaps my ‘extremely temperamental’ description was a little unfair. It’s just the teleportation stations that give me trouble. I just grew frustrated with having to hard reboot my machine due to the program hanging.

    This always happened while in full screen. I never really tried to just play it in the window.

    Mac gamers, bugs be damned, should play this game. Excellent 2D shooter.

  3. yosi985 says:

    i realy like this game but i can’t finish the eeg level.ther’s a shilde that i can’t over

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