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Pac-Man Dossier: breathtaking

The “Pac-Man Dossier” was posted to MetaFilter on Thursday (I’m usually two days behind the curve), and it is about to be everywhere else. Because, friends, it is astonishing. I am going to spend the next several hours reading it more carefully.

Diagram of Pac-Man 'cornering' -- I want this for my wall

I liked this paragraph a lot:

The game starts with Pac-Man at 80% of his maximum speed. By the fifth level, Pac-Man is moving at full speed and will continue to do so until the 21st level. At that point, he slows back down to 90% and holds this speed for the remainder of the game. Every time Pac-Man eats a regular dot, he stops moving for one frame (1/60th of a second), slowing his progress by roughly ten percent—just enough for a following ghost to overtake him. Eating an energizer dot causes Pac-Man to stop moving for three frames. The normal speed maintained by the ghosts is a little slower than Pac-Man’s until the 21st level when they start moving faster than he does. If a ghost enters a side tunnel, however, its speed is cut nearly in half.

The Pac-Man Dossier is full of diagrams, tables, and videos. It catalogues strategies, cheats, oral histories, and beyond, with plenty of anchor tags for easy skimming. It is blissfully, unapologetically intricate. I am slack-jawed.

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  1. Jamey Pittman says:

    Thanks for the incredibly nice write-up, Jenn! 🙂

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