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“Generation Gaming” alludes to several video games in an extremely short period of time

This video, set to Dan Bull’s new track “Generation Gaming,” is actually pretty amazing:

Taking control of / Somebody else’s console / With no remorse / That was so debauched! / My only thoughts were total scores on Tony Hawk / Or running amok in smug-g-ler’s runs / Smug-g-lin’ guns and drugs for fun / And pullin’ a gun on any NPC I see or stumble upon / GTA3 / made me inclined to kill repeatedly / The spinal chills / Of Silent Hill / Are still on my mind and creepin’ me / The fuck out!

Want more? Last month, Dan Bull released his first album, Safe—generously, it’s available as a free download, too, if you can suffer the lower audio quality.

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  1. Jon Conley says:

    That song was a trip down memory lane. The download link didn’t work for me, so I’ll have to just assume it’s a good album.

    He did a good job with the video, as well. I especially like the sarcastic undertones of failure. The BSOD, PS2 Disc Read Errors, and lo, the Red Ring of Death. Nobody ever said gaming was easy.

    That clip at the end with the IGN guys destroying broken 360s is something that I’ve always wanted to do, in my thirteen successive Red Rings.

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