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“Now, Retro Game Challenge is hot!”

Retro Game Challenge, the English-language version of GameCenter CX: Arino no Chosenjou, launched earlier this month in North America. Its sequel is slated for release in Japan on the 26th (tomorrow!).

What follows are six minutes of an intriguing 23-minute program that aired on Japanese television on the 17th. It is meant, in turns, to promote Arino no Chosenjou 2, to give a history of the GameCenter CX television show, and, seemingly, to generate still more interest in the television show’s ongoing localization project.

As for the video, I kept only the advertainment bits—some of the interviews segments seemed intended for an eventual North American audience, and I’d hate to leak anything meant for a DVD extra. I also omitted the excellent Arino no Chosenjou 2 game footage.

The rest of the program, though, is essentially promotional material framed as surreal newsmagazine reporting. And while it has a slow start, the video is a fascinating depiction of cross-cultural pollination. More importantly, the folks behind GameCenter CX, it would seem, are just as anxious for a domestic DVD release as we are.

Note: This summer, the New York Asian Film Festival premiered Retro Game Master, the English-language version of GameCenter CX. Portions of that footage begin at 1:33. At 2:42, you’ll find Yuko Shiomaki’s footage of interviews with American fans. Represented in the final Japanese broadcast were: David Goldberg; Chris Person and Jenn Frank, smacking her gum; Matt Hawkins and AJ Mazur; and Brian Balsan.

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  1. Jon Conley says:

    I can’t even read what you’re saying in that video, because I can’t scrub through it. Did you say something to the effect of “Ironically, we can’t understand a word they’re saying?” Did they just show an episode of the show without subtitles, then?

    I recall hearing you speak about the little pile of wonderful that is GameCenter CX; along with Retronaut’s own Ray Barnholt (if I’m not mistaken). It sounds interesting, and I am sad to admit that I have not seen it (yet). Nor have I had the chance to play Retro Game Challenge.

    I wish to remedy both of these problems.

  2. a.p. says:

    I like how it was originally in english, dubbed in japanese, then subbed by you.

    seems a bit counter-intuitive.

    • Jenn Frank says:

      Yeah, it isn’t lost on me.

      Weirder still, the English was probably just a sloppy linguistic backformation of the original Japanese script. I don’t think anyone is actually meant to listen to it—it’s just atmospheric background noise—but as I don’t understand Japanese, I kind of had to zero in on the host’s narration to make any sense of the program at all.

  3. kentdoggydog says:

    Your dubbed Japanese voice and Papapishu’s blank stare kill me every time. LOL

  4. I love that they decided to dub me over with a woman. I always knew that that was how I sounded in Japanese.

  5. This was awesome. Nice find.

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