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8-Bit Investigation: Gruesome, or awesome?

I don’t remember how I ended up with Aled Lewis’s illustrations open in a Firefox tab—I probably followed a delicious link or twitter tweet in the middle of the night—but here it was the next morning, still on my laptop, being all awesome.

Aled’s game-themed art and T-shirts are rad. (Even his decidedly ungeeky designs, like Freaks in the Funhouse and Mexican Standoff, are pretty excellent.)

8-Bit Investigation at threadless.com

But this one: this one is the one I want. Because I like crime shows and Law and Order and TV about forensics and Police Quest adventure games and morbidity. I would totally play this shirt. And it’s on sale! Nine measly bucks for a girls’ XS or XL! (Sorry, boys—maybe they’ll reprint it.)

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  1. Jon Conley says:

    I thoroughly enjoy these illustrations. I demand a book.

    With that said, I present unto you…Perry Bible Fellowship! http://pbfcomics.com/

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