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Reaching out to the elusive over-25 female GameStop shopper

To its credit, this GameStop employee training video is very cute. I really kind of mean that.

Here are some notes I scribbled down as I watched:

GameStop says: Don’t scare off the nice middle-aged lady with your “gamer jargon.”

Jenny adds: Don’t attack the nice middle-aged lady with questions at the front door.

GameStop says: Do ask a ton of questions! What is she looking for? Customize your recommendations for the nice lady customer!

Jenny adds: But talk a little faster, a little less like your customer is an idiot.

GameStop says: Lady shoppers are divided into “hunters” and “gatherers.” Hunters know exactly what they want and make a beeline for it. Gatherers are ‘browsing’ and are therefore more susceptible to suggestion. Both invariably require your special brand of expertise!

Jenny adds: Don’t forget the third category of female GameStop shoppers over the age of 25—they’re called “gamers.”

P.S. If you try to upsell me on that free subscription to Cosmo (8:26), I will cut you.

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  1. Kevin Bunch says:

    I actually saw this originally being MSTied by Retsupurae on youtube. I think the guy summed it up quite well:


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