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Dr. Mario on health care

For nearly two decades, I have been a resident doctor at the Mushroom Kingdom Hospital, in the Division of Virus Research. Patients depend on my Megavitamins to eradicate a seemingly never-ending stream of horrible viruses. Under a microscope, the viruses appear multicolored, with gloved hands and feet. Sometimes, they appear to have demonic faces. In my nightmares, they laugh at me.


Usually, I try to post things I assume we citizens of the Internet have not yet seen—fan art, for instance, or dopey YouTube videos from three years ago. But I do love McSweeney’s, both print and online, and especially when it acknowledges its secret and undying love for videogames.

Therefore, even though you have already read it, I cannot sideline BoingBoing for its most excellent discovery, that of Marco Kaye’s Dr. Mario Weighs in on Universal Health Care:

“Consider the hostile planet Zebes, which the female warrior Samus liberated many years ago.” Kaye is right! Despite Samus’ work, Zebes is totally teeming with viral wildlife. I could easily catch an X Parasite there! Well, I’m convinced; I’m moving to Mushroom Kingdom.

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  1. Jon Conley says:

    “A government-run plan sounds
    a lot like what Bowser wants”


    Also, I love the little ‘redesign’ touches you’ve made around here.

  2. “In Sonic the Hedgehog’s idyllic, vibrant landscape, all a patient needs for protection is one golden ring. If a patient has more gold rings, he gets more coverage. There are no hidden fees.”

    Lol, that makes me smile.


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