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Spain gets its videojuegos on

LAN party at the cinematheque!

Taking residence in a movie theater (this theater, actually), Madrid’s Cinegames combines the flair of Captain EO with the special effects of Alien Encounter. Lights flash and adjust to match the action on screen. “Then we have the smoke,” explains developer Enrique Martínez. “If there are accidents or a car burns rubber, smoke appears.”

The result: a distinctly theatrical, shared experience among gamers who might ordinarily stay home. Yes, please.

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  1. Jon Conley says:

    That sounds really interesting. It looks like they have FPS gaming sessions for games like CoD4? I would think that they would avoid violent games to keep the atmosphere friendly. I could definitely see this working in a tournament-style game. It would be really cool if they offered prizes for the winners (a free pass or coupons).

    It’s the idea of a cyber cafe, but less of a rip-off. I wonder why no theaters have tried that in the US? I would definitely try this out.

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