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Come for GDC, stay for the IGS

I really grinned endlessly at Brandon’s “Slouching through Wednesday” post at Offworld, not only because I was there (at the… inadvisable… ehm), and not because I, too, slouched through Wednesday (and—I’m a weak girl—Thursday also). Brandon writes,

In a way, I wish the IGS was why we were all here, and that it could go the whole week through: especially this year there’s a palpable energy and even more a sense of purpose and community to the indie game devs. As more people leave their salaried positions to set up shop for themselves, there’s a definite (and in some cases, outright spoken) sense that This Is What We Should Be Doing, and There’s Room For All Of Us, and Let’s Not Let Anyone Else Get Left Behind.

And that’s the heart of things: I literally have absolutely nothing else to add to that.

Brandon McCartin lists the IGF 2009 winners here, and the video is here. No, you’ll never get away from That One Photo of Phil.

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  1. IGS is certainly awesome, but the rest of the week wasn’t totally wasted. I enjoyed the mobile talks (which unfortunately were only mon & wed) and even some of the boring sounding talks (like “Gaming in Emerging Markets”) that ended up being quite nice.

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