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GDC quicknotes

  • Computer = dead. Have been endlessly checking and re-checking email on iPhone instead. I don’t ordinarily go, “Gee, I’m so glad I own an iPhone!” but during GDC, that’s been my constant refrain. I know, I know: Mac users are so annoying.

  • Met @gkokoris for lunch! Hurrah! Will also meet for dinner, along with Steph of Eliss (and possibly others).

  • Met with Miguel of Spooky Squid Games at 1:30pm (scoop forthcoming).

  • Emily Balistrieri was standing in a long line in front of the Apple store. When she saw me, she cupped both hands to her eyes, miming binoculars.

    I stepped into line with her. “What are we waiting for?” I asked her.

    “Hideo Kojima,” she said. “You know. Metal Gear Solid Touch?”

    I looked at her as if she were crazy. We traded notes on what games looked good to us. She’d just come from interviewing Pixeljam.

    “You’re a nerd,” I told her, “for Pixeljam.”

    “I am!” she agreed. Even the Pixeljam guys acknowledge Em is their biggest fan.

    The line started to move, and we waved goodbye to each other.

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