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‘Dr. Mario Virus’ custom dunny trio


You know, if I read the Roto Forums every day like I claim I do, I would’ve known about and lusted for these Reactor-88 custom dunnies way back in March errr, three weeks ago. Like, at least.


LTTP: Simon the Sorcerer 5?! And 4?! And 3???

WHO KNEW? Well, the fourth and fifth games, especially, although I’ve never played the third (Simon the Sorcerer 3-D) either. But I didn’t know this! Did you know this? I am in shock. Certainly, except for all the DS mysteries and fan remakes, I have avoided most newfangled adventure games, which are cheaply made, goofy, badly translated, and inexplicably huge in Germany.

Sorry, I am barely making sense. But, but, Simon the Sorcerer, you guys.


And Simon the Sorcerer II.


And the fifth one.


I’m trying to decide whether to attempt the demo, which is, of course, in German.

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Vintage arcade celebrates midcentury marvels



Beacon, New York’s Retro Arcade Museum opened its doors late last month. There, and for just $10 an hour, visitors can play curator Fred Bobrow’s collection of vintage pinball and arcade cabinets from the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

I suspect the handheld collection isn’t playable—as it’s behind glass—but, uh, it never hurts to ask? 🙁

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JITFTP*: Dead Space action figure up for pre-order

Isaac Clarke—that glowing gladiator and steampunk savior, that deep-space castle crasher—is coming to store shelves this summer.


The truth is, I still prefer the custom Dead Space action figure (it glows!), but this is pretty great. Yours for US$30.

*Just in time for the party!

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No wires! Supersonic: the Joystick

Definitely better than that Skip Rogers ad from before!


Weekend Lunch Break: South Korea and technology addiction

Ahhh, lunch hour—my favorite time of day to watch a half-hour documentary program. Close your IRC client, flip on Caffeine, put a silicone dustcover over your MacBook’s keyboard, embiggen the video into fullscreen, and sit back and relax. (Edit: Sorry, Firefox and AdBlock users; I don’t know how to help!)

This video, “The Most Wired Place on Earth,” is just the first in a series of six web videos, all culled from PBS/Frontline’s South Korea: Stories from the Most Wired Place on Earth. And though it’s really an introduction to the subsequent videos, it focuses on gaming and Internet addiction (notably, South Korea’s government is the first ever to intervene and treat its citizens’ electronic addictions). But the documentary focuses on gaming addiction in an interesting, careful, thoughtful, and competent way—I’m looking at you, Iowa State.

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Daily Linksplosion: Thursday, April 23, 2009


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Retronauts: oh, god, here we go again

After some ado, E. Jeremy Parish has returned with the 68th episode (what? How did that even happen?) of Retronauts, the podcast that revitalized’s retro games brand way back in 2006.

This time, Parish experiments with a new ‘sections-based’ format, with Ray Barnholt stopping by in the first half hour to talk about the 20th anniversary of the Nintendo Game Boy. Kurtis Seid guests for twenty minutes to discuss 1996’s Vandal Hearts and its anticipated XBLA sequel. Another twenty-minute segment is dedicated to Kohler and Final Fantasy remakes. And then, in the last hour (?!), an underedited Kohler and J. Frank sift through Jeremy’s mailbag, during what is essentially my hard-won Retronauts and Gaming for Money farewell (direct link).

LOST Retronauts


Like a ghost who hasn’t yet gone into the light, I can finally vanish into grad school in peace. edit: To the music of Metroid II, my favorite.

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Daily Linksplosion: Wednesday, April 22, 2009

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Brutally boring non-news: Earth Day edition

Every holiday, trades its otherwise unchanging logo for a more seasonal piece of art. For instance, today’s holiday—which is, ahem, Earth Day—calls for a painting of the Google letters half-submerged in a lake or ocean.

But what’s this? There, in that reef! Could it be? Is it really a… Triforce?


Is there a Triforce hidden in today’s Google logo? You be the judge!

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Daily Linksplosion: Friday, April 17, 2009


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Half-Life 2 LEGO zombie

So in the Half-Life universe, a “Poison Zombie” is what happens when a “Poison Headcrab” clambers aboard someone’s face and torso. For instance.


I’m not totally sure why Victor’s version of a Poison Zombie—rendered in LEGO pieces—is so unsettling to me, but it is.

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Tee-heeing uncomfortably at the Dork Yearbook

A friend left a link to Dork Yearbook on my Facebook. “You know about this?” she wrote on my Wall.

The week-old (!) Dork Yearbook tumblog is already chock-full of uncomfortably resonant photographs of children, their nerdiness frozen in time. I genuinely like seeing old photos of children playing on vintage computers—while pictures of my own girlhood, in the meantime, make me want to bury my face in a pillow and cry and apologize for being weird, awkward, smart, and hateful.

I’ve said too much! Here, then, are some of the Dork Yearbook entries that combine awkwardness with retro videogames. Can you spot noted tech blogger John Biggs? (Hint: It doesn’t have anything to do with computing or videogaming. Other hint: I renamed the photo ‘johnbiggs.jpg.’)

edit: Oh. BoingBoing Gizmodo’s Joel Johnson has something to do with this project, which explains the “derp” in the header. Everything makes sense again.




A few more, after the cut.

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Daily Linksplosion: Saturday, April 11, 2009


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D20 necklace

I realize it must seem as though I sent Infinite Lives to the cornfields during GDC, but in reality, I have been planning my BIG MOVE to Chicago! Ahhhh: It seems like only yesterday I was complaining about Chicago, and then moving out of it. (Well, and also, planning a bridal shower, doing some web-work, doing gory makeup for a film shoot, and having the flu—there’s no telling when Infinite Lives will normalize again, frankly.)

I haven’t entirely abandoned the site, of course! In fact, in the interest of supporting it, I have been toying with a banner ad slash affiliate program called Project Wonderful. And while Project Wonderful doesn’t generate enough revenue for me to wholeheartedly recommend it, I do think it’s cool that I (yes! Me!) am able to basically pick and choose whose ads cycle through the little square on the right.

And I can’t wait to run this one ad for D20 necklaces.


Apparently, she has twenty-sided dice available in most every color of the rainbow, to be strung onto silver-plated ball chains, satin cords, or keyrings. And don’t get me started on the 42 earrings.

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