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Tee-heeing uncomfortably at the Dork Yearbook

A friend left a link to Dork Yearbook on my Facebook. “You know about this?” she wrote on my Wall.

The week-old (!) Dork Yearbook tumblog is already chock-full of uncomfortably resonant photographs of children, their nerdiness frozen in time. I genuinely like seeing old photos of children playing on vintage computers—while pictures of my own girlhood, in the meantime, make me want to bury my face in a pillow and cry and apologize for being weird, awkward, smart, and hateful.

I’ve said too much! Here, then, are some of the Dork Yearbook entries that combine awkwardness with retro videogames. Can you spot noted tech blogger John Biggs? (Hint: It doesn’t have anything to do with computing or videogaming. Other hint: I renamed the photo ‘johnbiggs.jpg.’)

edit: Oh. BoingBoing Gizmodo’s Joel Johnson has something to do with this project, which explains the “derp” in the header. Everything makes sense again.




A few more, after the cut.






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  1. That last one is simply incredible!

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