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Retronauts: oh, god, here we go again

After some ado, E. Jeremy Parish has returned with the 68th episode (what? How did that even happen?) of Retronauts, the podcast that revitalized 1UP.com’s retro games brand way back in 2006.

This time, Parish experiments with a new ‘sections-based’ format, with Ray Barnholt stopping by in the first half hour to talk about the 20th anniversary of the Nintendo Game Boy. Kurtis Seid guests for twenty minutes to discuss 1996’s Vandal Hearts and its anticipated XBLA sequel. Another twenty-minute segment is dedicated to Kohler and Final Fantasy remakes. And then, in the last hour (?!), an underedited Kohler and J. Frank sift through Jeremy’s mailbag, during what is essentially my hard-won Retronauts and Gaming for Money farewell (direct link).

LOST Retronauts


Like a ghost who hasn’t yet gone into the light, I can finally vanish into grad school in peace. edit: To the music of Metroid II, my favorite.

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  1. jc says:

    I’m listening right now, but I haven’t gotten to your part yet.

    Have I asked what kind of grad school you’re going into? If I have, I’m a jerk and forgot.

    • Jenn Frank says:

      I don’t think I talked about it a whole lot! Hopefully I stay in writing and comparative lit, but maybe with a little more, ehm, multimedia, or ‘writing for media,’ perhaps. But maybe theology? It’s up in the air, actually.

      I explained to Kohler, I’m really mainly excited to be on a “quarter system.” For the last year, I’ve been on one—three months here, three months there, three months here, three months there—so I like the idea of remaining emotionally and geographically available for my parents.

      • jc says:

        Ah, it sounds kind of thrilling and a bit terrifying to be picking a field! Best of luck. Have you picked a school, or is that contingent on the field of study?

        I hope I’m not bugging you with too many questions!

  2. Aaron M says:

    As someone who never understood the haters, the gif still made me laugh. Best of luck at school, Jenn.

  3. Cody W. says:

    Listened to it earlier today, great stuff. First podcast I’ve sat through start to finish in quite a while (‘course, this one has Jenn Frank). Glad to see Retronauts make its triumphant return!

  4. carpboy says:

    As someone who constantly doubts his own faded, possibly-faulty childhood memories, I enjoyed your story about the old Atari games and your quest to prove to your own brain that those games existed. It sounded like it took a lot to tell those stories on the podcast and it was appreciated. I’m sorry to see you go from Retronauts (just as it seems it’s returning) but good luck!

  5. Jesse says:

    Thanks for sharing some of your personal history with games toward the end of the podcast. I could really hear the emotion and sincerity in your voice when you talked about your father. Retronauts is my favorite podcast, and I especially loved the “golden era” during 2007 when you appeared with Jeremy, Sharkey, Kohler, and Ray. Good luck to you in your future endeavors!

  6. e. jeremy says:

    Thanks again for joining us, and for livening up the second half of the show. Please to stay in touch!

  7. Ctuck says:

    Wow that one of the best Retronauts ever, you need your own podcast Jenn!

  8. jc says:

    So that segment was pretty wonderful. Just saying.

  9. kentdoggydog says:

    You guys took me right back to 2006 with this one. Well played. Too bad Sharkey didn’t make an appearance.

    Also, high-five on the Beakman’s World reference.

  10. Damn, considering your childhood it’s amazing you didn’t turn out as a girl with horrible self-esteem issues who’ll sleep with any man who owns an Atari.

    • Jenn Frank says:

      “Wow, that’s amazing how a little childhood trauma didn’t turn you into a slut!” Gee, thanks. I’ll be sure to test that one out on my unhappy guy friends and, you know, see whether it makes any fucking sense to them.

      edit: Don’t let me explain your joke to you, though.

  11. Kevin Bunch says:

    Listened to this yesterday. Awesome podcast in general! I barely ever listened to it, or most podcasts really, due to the fact that I’m never in a position to just sit and listen except for last night. And it was well worth it. I kinda feel as though I should send in a tale for a future episode!

    You also reminded me of back in 2002 or so? My friend Kinn’s birthday was coming up, and he had been lamenting ever getting rid of his 2600 back in the day, as there were many games he loved for it. Well, shortly before his birthday, while on the road to a tournament in Toronto, I had stopped at my friend Nassim’s place in London, where he gave me a random 2600 they had found in the house he was renting. So, I grabbed some spare games and a power supply, an adapter to hook it up to the tv, and threw it all in a box to give him for his birthday.

    It’s rare I’ve seen a grown man cry, much less cause it. But he was just ecstatic. Every time I went over there afterwards, he had that thing gleaming from keeping it clean and working. He’s moved since then, and the Atari is still sitting alongside all these more modern systems, running Turmoil or Empire Strikes Back.

  12. Joey says:

    Your voice was such a treat to have flowing into my ears. It’s a great change from the normally nasal tones you get from video game podcasts. You should continue podcasting I’ve always enjoyed your POV.

  13. Josh R. says:

    (public private message) Hey Jenn, I am sad to see you leave retronauts, but wish you the best of luck. Though I’m sure you do not want anyone’s pity, I have to tell you that your stories broke my heart. I actually had something similar to your grandfather story happen to me, though I was 17 and already bitter and cynical, so it didnt really have an effect on me. I can’t imagine how that must have felt to a small child. However, my experience DID turn me into a slut, though. I’m just kidding about the slut part. Good luck in life, and I’ll continue to frequent this website.

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