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Weekend Lunch Break: South Korea and technology addiction

Ahhh, lunch hour—my favorite time of day to watch a half-hour documentary program. Close your IRC client, flip on Caffeine, put a silicone dustcover over your MacBook’s keyboard, embiggen the video into fullscreen, and sit back and relax. (Edit: Sorry, Firefox and AdBlock users; I don’t know how to help!)

This video, “The Most Wired Place on Earth,” is just the first in a series of six web videos, all culled from PBS/Frontline’s South Korea: Stories from the Most Wired Place on Earth. And though it’s really an introduction to the subsequent videos, it focuses on gaming and Internet addiction (notably, South Korea’s government is the first ever to intervene and treat its citizens’ electronic addictions). But the documentary focuses on gaming addiction in an interesting, careful, thoughtful, and competent way—I’m looking at you, Iowa State.

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  1. Adam says:

    I can’t believe I had never heard of Caffeine before! What a useful little program.

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