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JITFTP*: Dead Space action figure up for pre-order

Isaac Clarke—that glowing gladiator and steampunk savior, that deep-space castle crasher—is coming to store shelves this summer.


The truth is, I still prefer the custom Dead Space action figure (it glows!), but this is pretty great. Yours for US$30.

*Just in time for the party!

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  1. Brandon says:

    That’s actually pretty cool, but I’m still bitter about the goofy story for that game.

    Spoilers incoming, obviously, but what was up with that? The entire alien invasion was averted by a single engineer primarily using the basic tools of his trade? Why could none of military guys do this before dying? They must have procrastinated and put it off the way a normal person puts of taking out the garbage or something.

    And then the alien hivemind thing is nice enough to expose its brightly colored, inexplicable weak points. It clearly doesn’t want to live!

    People are lazy in space, man.

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